The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

ABAFA Awareness Issues

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

International Greed: Let us not walk around like Robots,  being  uninformed to the devastation that our own actions, cause to Africa’s people in general and children in particular. Demand a fair trade cell phone

International Greed: Example of the thoughtless greed of Glen Corp and the Swiss People, living in the lap of luxury, while closing their eyes to the fact that their benefits are derived from suffering Africans. Stealing Africa

Greed and Corruption: The leaders are ignorant, cowards and corrupt; and the people are reduced to the belief that this is their only lot in life.  Greed Fed Through Suffering and Slavery

International Greed: Commodity price manipulation and Wall Street speculation, coupled with with seeding the clouds in a scheme to control the weather, are the main forces behind global food shortages. Another factor is the miss-allocation of food supplies, causing the over abundance in some Western Countries, leading to eatable food being thrown away; and shortages of food in other areas leading to hunger and starvation. Creating Food Shortage

Contributing To World Hunger:

(1) Food Manipulation

The Economics and Politics Of World Hunger:

(2) Speculation

(3) Genetically Modified Foods (seeds of Death) 1hr+

(4) Justice is comming

(5) Fighting Back

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