The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

How Did It Happen

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

How could Africa, with its massive mineral resources, become so dominated by outside forces?

Take a look at the real size of Africa.

imagesThe whole United States, Argentina, Western Europe, India, and China, can be placed in Africa and still leave room for other countries. It is the shear massive size of our mother country, that allowed it to be eaten piece by piece by outsiders. It is the shear size of its territory and its hospitable people that allowed Africa to welcome, feed and nurture, starving people from early Asia and Europe.
A people with so much to share could not fathom, that they were inviting into their house a foreign mentality, so devilish in its make-up, that it would connive to destroy the very people and land that had given them sustenance.

The story is like that of “The Camel’s Hump” The camel witnessing severe cold, begged the inhabitants of the tent to allow just its nose, to come into the tent; and then because of the cold pleaded, let me please get my head in”. The story goes on and we know what followed; he eventually took over the whole tent. He forced the people out and destroyed the tent.

The plot against Africa started more than 17 centuries ago. So far back that we can only see it through in depth research. However it is the same, as the more recent plot, used against the American Indian.

(1) arrival (2)making friends (3) Setting up trading post (4) inviting more of their own kind (5) building forts and towns (6) deeper excursions into the continent (7) exploiting the land and streams (8) exploiting the differences between native people (9) starting and then waging war (10) dividing up the continent and (11) taking it all for themselves.

With our collective efforts, we can stop the rape, the bleeding, the exploitation, and destruction of Africa. We are not saying that our collective efforts will bring it about over night. Its been centuries in the making, however we have to start sometime, somewhere. Africa is our Mother.

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