The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

Educating A Nation

Some economic concepts are so fundamental, that there is very little room for debate. One among that very small set of concepts is the tenet that an educated population is an essential prerequisite for national prosperity. …..Neil Buchanan 2012 (Verdict)


“Vision Of An Education For A Nation”

Should follow the concept of a “Pipeline Education”

educationWe envision an educational system where our children are immersed in an education pipeline from cradled to college and beyond. A system which involves teacher/parent collaboration from the very earliest stages of a child’s development and continuing after the child’s entrance into the school.

Once a child enters school they are placed in a pipeline of science, math, medicine, engineering, genetics and bio-metrics. eduation2They remain in the pipeline through high school and college, augmenting their courses in college with courses or with classes, in primary and secondary education.

The graduating student is not only prepared to work in his or her education3field, but conditioned and qualified to return to the pipeline and to teach and mentor, their brothers and sisters in that pipeline.

Through out their pipeline education, the young boys and girls are being fused with the knowledge that they are unique, in so far as they are the core participants, in the foundation of a new Nation.

At the same time this is happening, adult classes are taking place for the parents of these children, as well as the other adults in the community, to raise their conscious level and commitment to the ed5Nation and the plan. And while their children may not yet be in the pipeline, it will aid them in the preparation, for the day that they do enter. It will also be used to raise the level of consciousness of those who are post pipeline age, as to their responsibilities to the Nation.

Who Should Control Our Schools

While separate may not have been seen as equal, especially when it’s curriculum, was Eurocentric mandated; It still managed to produce superior students. Had it been allowed to be Afrocentric, it would not only have produced superb students, but students dedicated to sustaining the African Descendant community.

When we controlled our schools.

It is not enough to control the education apparatuses of our people, especially our children; if another entity is going to determine the content and/or scope, of that education. The education of our people especially our children, should be one of “African Descendant Empowerment”. It should be one created and sustained by African Descendant People themselves and one which benefits African Descendant People and all who come in contact with them.


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