The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

Political And Social Idealogy

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

All movements, organizations, etc. have at their core, an ideology that forms the basis of the philosophy and actions of the movement or organization. This is also true for ABAFA/AAPAD.

ABAFA/AAPAD is an “organization” that seeks to unify African people or people living in America and the African Diaspora, into a community that will take collective action to address the economic, social, and political problems of the African People.

ABAFA/AAPAD envisions a community wide organization working together, towards a real social, economic and political unity in America And the rest of the African Diaspora,

Afrocentrism, is at the core of our educational and political  ideology, it is and should always be, the African American identity politics, and we are referring to the one that emerged during the struggles and  movements of the 1950s thru 1970s.

“Pan-African” unity is especially important in African American identity politics, because the African ancestry, of the African American community, cannot be derived from any single identifiable African people or tribe. Therefore it has become necessary, to minimize the differences, between the various peoples of Africa, in favor of a generalized “African” heritage.

pan-africanThe Pan-African flag was designed by Marcus Garvey (some say Du Boise)and is known as “The Red, Black, and Green”. This flag symbolizes the struggle for the unification and liberation of African people. The “red” stands for the blood that unites all people of African ancestry, “black” represents the color of the skin of the people of Africa, and “green” stands for the rich land of Africa.
Sometimes the green, gold, and red of thee flag Ethiopian flag are used as the colors of the Pan-African movement. According to some sources, this is because Ethiopia resisted European colonization attempts and remained free, except for a brief period of occupation by Italy under the Fascists. Ethiopia is the headquarters of the African Union and several institutions concentrated on the African continent. Sebujja Katende, ambassador of Uganda to the AU said Ethiopia is considered as “the grand father of Africa.”
The four Pan-African colors—red, black, green, and gold—have inspired many nations flags, outside of Africa as well as within it.
As a philosophy, Pan-Africanism/Afrocentrism has grown to represent the aggregation, of the historical, cultural, spiritual, artistic, scientific and philosophical legacies of African People, from past times, to the present. Pan-Africanism/Afrocentrism as an ethical system, allows us in the Diaspora to see our selves as a Nation in exile. In the center of a Nation is it”s economic activity. In order to support a nation, it must have control of it’s economic resources. That takes planning. ABAFA/AAPAD has the plan.

While our strength lies in knowledge of our selves, our route to freedom and liberation lie in economic self determination 


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