The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

Past And Current Failures

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Past and current failures, which have led to the inability to create a strong, viable and independent Africa; or African communities, can be attributed to weak and ignorant leadership, in the African Diaspora, as well as in the leadership, of some of the countries on the African continent.

The weaknesses stem, from both fear and greed, while the ignorance stems from the inability to recognize the continuity of the effect, of certain policies of the past and how the failure to address and/or change those policies impacted negatively, on the present and the future.

We have been fortunate to have had great visionaries, on both the homeland and Diaspora stages. However the weak and powerless condition of the African People today, is directly related to the leadership’s failure to respect and profoundly establish, a “Legacy to these Visionaries”.

One hundred and thirty years (130) after the “Berlin Conference” that enshrined the European balkanization and colonization of Africa and fifty one years (51) after the establishment of the OAU in Addis Ababa. Africa and the African People, still have failed to reach a level of true independence and self- actualization, because they did not adhere to the plans of the visionaries, who were theĀ  “Giants” of Pan-Africanism.

Instead, they fell prey to their own greed, their own fears and/or “I can go it alone” mentality, along with the negative actions, fostered and supported, by the very entities, who had enslaved and colonized them. The casual observer would see this as, “Ignorance personified”.

We could go step by step, outline and identify the causes of each failure; However it is better and more educational, for you to study the messages of the “Giants”.

To be free . . . to walk the good American earth as equal citizens, to live without fear, to enjoy the fruits of our toil, to give our children every opportunity in life–that dream which we have held so long in our hearts is today the destiny that we hold in our hands.

Paul Robeson
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