The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

Program Outline

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

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“Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry, has muddled his reason. Whoever is unconcerned with his lineage, has lost his mind. Whoever neglects his origin, his stupidity has become critical. Whoever is unaware of his ancestry, his incompetence has become immense. Whoever is ignorant of his roots, his intellect has vanished. Whoever does not know his place of origin, his honor has collapsed.” — 15th Century African Poet (Timbuktu)


The purpose of, AAPAD/ABAFA is to create a permanent imprint in the minds of African People in the “diaspora” and Africans on the mainland, that our survival as a people is predicated upon the concept of “one people one aim one destiny” and to encourage them to work collectively in the rebuilding of The African Civiliazion Model.

The program will consist of the following;
(1) contact with, medical, educational, scientific, technical and social professional, both on African Continent and in the Diaspora.
(2) Extending an invitation for them to come together with their colleagues in their different spheres of influence and interest, to form an all African Peoples “Think Tank”, for the development and re-vitalization of the Africa mind set.

It is abundantly clear, that the “Western Concepts of African Development” is soundly based on the exploitation of African People and their resources. The Western Concept is historically based, on invasion, slavery, subjugation and exploitation, for the benefit of Euro/ Western and near Eastern societies. They have historically and at times brutally, subjugated the African’s, body, mind and mineral resources, for the benefit of their own societies.

It is ludicrous and insane for Africans at home or abroad, to think that somehow this line of thinking and action, left alone, will change.

The definition of “Insanity” ; is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We believe, that the social and moral concepts of the Old African Model, as “Great and Mighty as it was” has been at best marginalized, and at its worst, totally destroyed.

Nine (9) centuries of western intervention, in the affairs of African People world wide, has caused, the destruction of any moral, social, political and or economic systems, that African People had in place, prior to the arrival of the Euro/Asian. Even the system of thinking, as it relates to our God, our ancestors, our community, our family and our children, has been destroyed.  The purpose of the invaders and en-slavers was and still is, the complete subjugation of Africa People, not only on the mainland, but worldwide.

This has been accomplished; first by destroying its institutions; second by enslaving its people; third by spiting up the continent between themselves, in a “colonization scheme”. And finally, by raping the entire continent of its resources, brainwashing those they have enslaved and destroying all concepts of unification.

In order to ensure the continuance of their “colonization”, they have successfully put in place a psychological scheme. This scheme is designed to convinced the world and the Africans themselves, that African People world wide, do not know what is in their own best interest; that the African People are like children and must be led by Westerners; also that African People must put aside any African Model of thinking, which was in place, before their arrival and adhere to the Western Exploiters, model of civilization.

This pattern of thinking persist, even until this day, in spite of the mounting evidence of the damages; to the land, water and minds of its people. This downward and destructive, plunge will not cease, until we, as a people, are totally destroyed; Or until, we step forward, as responsible black men and women; and take control of our own destiny.

The first goal, is to recognize the fractured mind and discard it; and then work to reconstruct the “African Mind Set”, re-invigorate and strengthen the cultural, financial and social ties, between Africans in the diaspora, so as to be a strong example for those on the main land.

Executive Summary

AADAP’s ABAFA is an NGO and its programs will be member funded. ABAFA will organize an all African “Think Tank” The programs selected for implementation will come out of the “Think Tank”. Any program/project chosen for implementation in the “Diaspora or on the Continent, can only be successful, with the full cooperation and support of the members of Abafa. We therefore  welcome the leadership and membership of any and all right thinking black people and Black Organizations. We seek their assistance in design and implementation of the projects, for the up-lift of African People.

The AADAP action plan, is built on the belief, that African People’s position in the world today is the result of the on going plans, of Western forces, to maintain its dominance over Africa and its People. That the destruction of Africa’s political, economic and social systems were (and still is) designed to insure (and continue to insure) the long standing implementation of those plans.

It is our position and we believe strongly, that African People and only African People, have the sensitivities (properly developed) necessary, to direct the course of African People. Hence the name “ABAFA”.

Collectively, we have the resources. The proof is that if you  search any revolutionary discovery or invention, benefiting mankind, you will find the contribution of the African mind; weather it be in the areas of science, mechanization, medicine, algebra, computer technology, mobile phones, or the creation of the World Wide Web; The African is there.

Furthermore; scratch the surface of any Dollar, Mark, Deutschmark, Pound, Lira or Euro, you will find at its foundation, a base, built on the contribution of the minds, labor and mineral resources of Africa.

ABAFA’s over-all plan is to, harness the collective brain-power of the African people at home and abroad, and to put it to work for Africa and African People.

 Program Outline

The plan to bring together the best minds of the African, is grounded in the African proverb, “ It takes a Village to raise a child ”.

The program is based on the plan, to create a collective “liberated African mind”. One which is free from the baggage and the webs of entanglement, bought about by centuries of oppression, schemes and exploitation. ABAFA will seek to accomplish this by creating a program of education through work, planning and association. And a comradeship that can only be achieved through working together, towards a common goal. The short term goals will be created by the “Think Tank” it self. There-by bringing together the “splintered African mind”, into a structured program of self help. Each discipline will form working groups and work shops, to address the pressing issues of the Africa people as they relate, to their own particular discipline.

Together, as a “Team” they will outline, draft plans and create projects, designed to meet and advance the best interest of the African community and its people as a whole.

The different disciplines include, Education, Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Bio and Geo Technology, etc.

AAPAD will dig into and seek the assistance, of all of the traditional “Black Universities”, Black Fraternities, Black Sororities, Black Professional Organizations, etc. to build this initial “African Think Tank”.

AAPAD envisions the economic support will come from a world wide membership. And a drive for all Africans in the “diaspora” and at home, to become members of ABAFA .

While our strength lies in knowledge of our selves, our route to freedom and liberation lie in economic self determination 




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