The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora

The Foundation Of A Black Nation

robinson263-tIn order to move from the mental concept of a community and to get into the proper mindset of “a nation”; it behooves all of us to read the commentary of Dr. Brooks Robinson PhD Economist “We’re a Nation, Not a Community” available at http://www.blackeconomics.org

Its another wake-up call to Black America


Garvey speaksDr Robinson states, we must not only start to view ourselves as a Nation, but we must, implement the course of action given to us, by the likes of Frederick Douglas, Booker T Washington, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Dubois and Marcus Garvey


According to International Law: A nation is defined as “An extensive aggregate of persons, so closely associated with each other by common descent, language, or history, as to form a distinct race or people, usually organized as a separate political state and occupying a definite territory. However in early examples, the racial idea is usually stronger than the political: …” Therefore the recognition of commonality, is an element that, by it’s mere existence, precedes the forming of “the state”.

As stated above there are requisites to being view as a Nation. Africans in the Diaspora have achieved most if not all of these requisites.

(1) African Descendant Americans, By having reached a population of 46 million strong in America, Can easily be view as ” An extensive aggregate of persons” ,which on the world stage would make us 29th out of 195 recognized Nations (countries) in the world.

(2) African Descendant Americans, are viewed and treated by “America” as so closely associated with each other by common descent, language and history, as to form a distinct race or people

(3) African Descendant Americans, by having a spending capacity of one trillion dollars plus. Which would be the 15th largest GDP in the world. And while this does not qualify as a “political state” it could be viewed as a precursor to a “Political State”.

(4) Individual, African Descendant communities, could collectively, start seeing themselves as a “Nation”.

(5)  Individual, African Descendant communities, could pool their intellectual and economical resources, together to establish a parallel economy, representing an “Economic State”.

This activity alone would enrich, employ and protect our own people.

While our strength lies in knowledge of our selves, our route to freedom and liberation lie in economic self determination 

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