The African-American Plan For Africans In America And In The African Diaspora


wait_minute_cg3p3880280c_thAfrican Descendant People have a hard time working with one another in the community, work place and organizations. WHY?

The answer is, LACK OF TRUST.

All to often, we find among our people, those who are not worthy of trust. They are steeped in violence towards other blacks, self hatred, disrespect, jealousy, lying, lack of esteem and more; all boiling down to a lack of credibility and therefor an enormous reason in our own minds for “DISTRUST’.

The truth is that many, or most Blacks are not TRUST WORTHY.

WHY?, because a certain European, vile, evil, deceitful and inhuman strategy, has been systematically worked on us.  (Example)

In making the slaves believe in white deities it made them subconsciously believe that their slave masters- also being white- were closer to God—or god like.

This help to instill in the minds of the enslaved Africans, that what came from the mouths of the White enslaver was close to “God’s word”.

Further; to protect their positions of white dominance they (the White Man) believe it was necessary to instill the belief of white superiority into the minds of the African slaves. This “white idolizing”, religious indoctrination process, was also used to make the African slaves more loyal to their masters. From the perspective of the slave masters, it made them better slaves.

42846561-broken-chain-concept-and-disconnected-symbol-as-two-different-tree-trunks-tied-and-linked-together-aThey also found it necessary to implement a scheme to divide the Africans, to prevent them from ever unifying against the master, by teaching them not to trust each other, while teaching them, at the same time, to “trust only him”.

This psychological program on the part of the enslavers, was carried out to perfection. Over a period in excess of 425 years, the resulting effects were successfully entrenched and embedded into the “Psychic DNA” of the enslaved African, to the extent that bits and pieces of this abnormal behavior, was past on to their off-springs. The resulting off-springs, having inherited the feelings from their parents, accepted these feelings as normal; and when they were fertilized and cultivated by the society at large, through the use of their media and other socializing systems, they went on to justify and further entrench this “abnormal feeling and behavior”, relating to their their brothers and sisters. Furthermore this White indoctrination carried with it a “dependence of the slave, on the master validating his/her feelings. From that time, up to and including today; Any attempt to express the natural human feelings, expressed by most humans toward their own kind, was and will be, met with a barrage of warnings and stories of the ill effects awaiting the individual who venture down this road.

Part of the task that awaits us at ABAFA, is to be an example to those who are awake, but because of fear or distrust, is not motivated to get on that road.

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