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The Water Game

Africa is not water poor, in spite of what some would have you to believe. However like so many other countries, Africa faces a resource crisis. Yet it is one that can be mitigated, by forward looking resource management.

Erastus-MwenchaIn 2008 Erastus Mwencha COMESA’S outgoing Secretary-General, noted that the failure to address the root causes of conflicts; the lack of adequate peace-building mechanisms to monitor and stabilize post-conflict areas; and, finally, the overlap and confusion caused by the multiplicity of regional, continental, and international actors, all vying for a place at the table are the issues that currently affect African development. These self centered interest have caused long periods of political instability and endemic intra-state and inter-state violence, reluctance to assist regional infrastructure projects and diversify national economies, corruption, and a lack of transparency and accountability have likewise hamstrung the prospects for region-wide economic resurgence.

Africa’s attempt to reign-in, harness and exert some modicum of control, over its own resources have led to the creation of Regional Organizations such as the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Organization For African Unity OAU, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) etc. However, Africa’s own economic and development organizations have been hamstrung, by having to divert its attention from the purpose for which they were created and divide its attention between economic development and conflict resolution. Rather than giving full attention and concentration on the objectives, for which they were formed.

While industry and all of its counter-parts are enhancements to life they are not necessities for life; However water is one of the crucial elements that sustains life; and while nations world wide, grapple with the looming possibility of a fresh water shortage, large quantities of subterranean water are being discovered in Africa.

Unless there is some model of management, cooperation, and collective action on the part of Africans, there will certainly be a conflict over this scarce resource and it will be emboldened by the same international actors  , to the detriment of Africans.

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